About Us

The Educational Gaming Environments group (EdGE) at TERC designs and studies game-based learning. We design free-choice STEM learning games—games that are grounded in authentic STEM content and that people choose to play in their free time. EdGE researchers use novel methods, such as educational data mining, to measure implicit learning in games. We also work with educators to understand how that implicit learning can be leveraged to support classroom learning of related STEM content.


EdGE Team

Jodi Asbell-Clarke

Director, EdGE at TERC 

Erin Bardar

Education Materials Director

Teon Edwards

Designer & Production Manager 

Santi Gasca

Research Associate

Jamie Larsen

Lead Developer

Barb MacEachern

Director of Outreach

Kelly Paulson

Project & Educator Support

Elizabeth Rowe

Director of Research