Zoombinis, an award-winning adventure game, engages players in guiding little blue Zoombinis
on a "fun but perilous" journey featuring 12 logic and computational thinking puzzles, each with 4 levels of difficulty.


 Download the game for iPadAndroid TabletKindle, or computer desktop (Windows or Mac OSX); 
check out the main Zoombinis website or the Zoombinis for Educators website
and if you’re an educator wanting to purchase multiple copies of the desktop version
for a school or other education organization, check out Encore.

Mission to Europa Prime: A Virtual Reality (VR) STEM Mystery Game

GAME IN DEVELOPMENT — With funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), EdGE is collaborating with MXTreality, Landmark College, the Pacific Science Center, and the Boston Museum of Science to develop and research Mission to Europa Prime, a virtual reality STEM mystery game. We are:

  • co-designing the puzzles and user interfaces with students with autism,
  • embedding supports for sensory, attention, and social issues,
  • creating an exciting, immersive VR gameplay experience, and
  • researching how VR can be used to increase access and broaden participation in STEM learning.

For now, check out the trailer video for the demo prototype game.

If you are interested in learning more, collaborating with us, or otherwise supporting our efforts, contact us.


SportsLab is a game-based sport product design challenge that fosters understanding of STEM concepts and motivates youth to engage in potential STEM career paths.


Re-skin yourself in black feathers, take flight,
and see if you’ve got what it takes to survive in Ravenous


Embedded in a sea of enemy particles, avoid collisions as you propel your own particle to the goal in Impulse


Quantum Spectre 

Use mirrors, lenses, and more to direct laser beams to colored targets in this scientifically accurate and wildly cool laser game, Quantum Spectre.