James L. Larsen
Lead Developer, EdGE at TERC 
Email: jamie_larsen at terc.edu
Phone: 617.873.6786

Biographical Summary

James L. Larsen is a co-founder of and lead developer at Educational Gaming Environments (EdGE) at TERC. EdGE’s work includes innovative ways to integrate science content and research on how scientific experiences and collaborations can be taught through the use of science-infused games. His current work at EdGE include STEMLandia – a land of outside gaming adventures and SportsLab – an NSF-funded project to create an online environment for middle school collaborative teams to explore and learn about STEM concepts and 21st Century Skills through a sport research and sport shoe design challenge.

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Areas of Interest

  • Reconnecting children (and others) with nature
  • Game-based learning
  • STEM learning through connected experiences
  • Creating AR and VR experiences that shift learning from looking down toward looking up and out