Teon Edwards
Designer and Production Manager, EdGE at TERC 
Email: teon_edwards at terc.edu
Phone: 617.873.9630

Biographical Summary

Teon Edwards is co-founder of and both a lead designer and production manager for the Educational Gaming Environments group (EdGE) at TERC, a nonprofit math and science education company that aims to empower all learners. With a BA from Williams College in Astrophysics and Mathematics and an EdM from Harvard University focusing on the use of technology and multimedia for learning, she has spent the last 20 years designing and developing numerous STEM curricula, experiences, tools, and games. 

Areas of Interest

    • Wait-time and free-choice learning
    • Game-based learning
    • User interface design for all/diverse learners, and more broadly human-technology interfaces
    • Misconceptions
    • STEM education for all