Zoombinis can help you address computational thinking, math, and 21st Century skills and concepts. 

Zoombinis, formerly known as The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, includes twelve math-based logic puzzles, each with four levels of difficulty, that reinforce valuable computational thinking (CT) skills, such as:

  • Problem decomposition: Breaking down a complex problem or system into simpler parts or chunks that are easier to understand.
  • Automation: Predicting or planning a series of ordered steps or sequences for feasible and efficient solutions.
  • Algorithms and procedures: Identifying and articulating a set of instructions for a specific problem or task.
  • Data representation: Using and interpreting multiple representations of data or information to organize, make meaning, or solve problems.
  • Abstraction/Formulation: Identifying and articulating general sets of algorithms (steps or instructions) or procedures that apply to various problem types or conditions (i.e., abstraction or formulation).
  • Generalization: Applying common algorithms to a variety of problems, forming a solid set of practical approaches to problem solving.

Looking for help to understand Zoombini game mechanics?

How-To Videos are available here.


An exciting new opportunity for teachers and Zoombinis fans! There is now a classroom version of Zoombinis, created in partnership with FableVision Games that features additional educator materials and guides, as well as data tracking and assessment to enhance your math and Computational Thinking curricula:

Materials from the original (mid 1990s) version of the game are dated but still relevant to educators and parents.

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