Learning Through Play 

At EdGE, we firmly believe that science learning is not—and should not be—confined to the classroom. By exploring in a game environment that mirrors laws of nature, or authentically represents any other content that we want people to learn, players can build tacit knowledge through activity that they find compelling.


School Ties

Although EdGE games are generally meant to be enjoyed during free-choice time (i.e., not in classrooms), we stay connected with teachers and classrooms.

For our Leveling Up games, focus groups gave us the opportunity to learn from students and teachers, so they can better learn from us. The game mechanics are accurate representations of standards-based high school science content that includes, but is not limited to, forces & motion, light & optics, and adaptation & bird flight. And we’re conducting Implementation Studies in classrooms across the nation.

For Taking Games to School, we’re working to bridge free-choice gaming and classroom curricula.