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Dr. Jodi Asbell-Clarke
Director, EdGE at TERC

Program/Areas of Interest

Game-Based Learning; Innovative Learning and Assessment Environments; Science Education

TERC Projects

Biographical Summary

Jodi is the director of the Educational Gaming Environments group (EdGE) at TERC. EdGE is a team of game designers, educators, and researchers who are studying implicit STEM learning in digital games. Jodi is Principle Investigator of several EdGE projects and is an executive member of the Center for Science Teacher and Learning. Jodi’s background includes MA in Math, an MSc in Astrophysics and a PhD in Education. She was an onboard software verification analyst for IBM during the first 25 missions of the space shuttle and taught at the laboratory school at University of Illinois. In 2009, she co-founded EdGE at TERC.

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Selected Publications

Asbell-Clarke, J., & Rowe, E. (2014). Scientific inquiry in digital games. In F. Blumberg (Ed.), Learning by Playing: Frontiers of Video Gaming in Education (pp. 246-260). New York: Oxford University Press.

Asbell-Clarke, J. (2014) “What Lies Below: Implicit Learning in Games” Presented at SxSWedu, Austin TX. March 2014.

Asbell-Clarke, J., Rowe, E., Edwards, T., & Larsen, J. (2013). Leveling Up: Measuring Tacit Science Understanding Through Gameplay. Paper presented at the 2013 NARST Annual International Conference, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

Asbell-Clarke, J., Rowe, E., & Sylvan, E. (2013, April). Assessment Design for Emergent Game-Based Learning. Paper presented at the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’13). Paris, France.

Asbell-Clarke, J., Edwards, T., Larsen, J., Rowe, E., Sylvan, E., & Hewitt, J. (2012). Martian Boneyards: Scientific Inquiry in an MMO Game. International Journal of Game-Based Learning, 2(1), 52-76.


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