Jodi Asbell-Clarke





Jordis (Jodi) Asbell-Clarke , 1-617-873-9716


a. Professional Preparation

Rochester Institute of Technology Applied Math B.S.,  1983

Rice University Applied Math M.A., 1986

University of New Mexico Astrophysics M.S.,  1989

University of Toronto Education Ph.D., 2011


b. Appointments

2009 - present Director of EdGE (Educational Gaming Environments group), TERC

2005 - present Senior Leader, Center for Science Teaching and Learning, TERC

2002 - present Part-time Faculty, Saint Mary’s University

1995 - 2004 Science Education Developer and Researcher, TERC

2003 - 2005 Part-time Faculty, Lesley University

1989 - 1992 Associate Faculty, University High School, University of Illinois

1983 - 1986 Verification Analyst On-flight Space Shuttle Software, IBM 1989-90


c. Products


(i)                   Five most closely related to proposal project


Rowe, E., Asbell-Clarke, J. & Baker, R. (2015). Serious games analytics to measure implicit science learning. In C.S. Loh, Y. Sheng, & D. Ifenthaler (Eds.) Serious Game Analytics: Methodologies for Performance Measurement, Assessment, and Improvement. Springer Science+Business Media .


Asbell-Clarke, J., & Rowe, E. (2014).   Scientific inquiry in digital games . In F. Blumberg (Ed.),   Learning by Playing: Frontiers of Video Gaming in Education   (pp. 246-260). New York: Oxford University Press.


Rowe, E., Bardar, E., & Asbell-Clarke, J., Shane-Simpson, C., & Roberts, S. (2016).  Building Bridges: Teachers Leveraging Game-Based Implicit Science Learning in Physics Classrooms.  In D. Russell & J. Laffey Handbook of Research on Gaming Trends in P-12 Education . Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-9629-7


Asbell-Clarke, J., Rowe, E., & Sylvan, E. (2013, April).   Assessment Design for Emergent Game-Based Learning Work in Progress paper presented at the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’13). Paris, France.


Rowe, E., Asbell-Clarke, J. & Edwards, T. (2014). Flow & Learning in Quantum Spectre.   In E. Rowe & D. Shernoff (Chairs)   The Finnish-US Network (FUN): Studying Flow in Educational Games & Gamified Learning Environments .   Symposium at the 2014 EDMedia World Conference on Educational Media and Technology in Tampere, Finland, June 23-27.



(ii)                 Other related papers and presentations


Rowe, E., Baker, R., & Asbell-Clarke, J. (2014).   Building automated detectors of gameplay strategies to measure implicit science learning.   Poster presented at the Seventh International Conference on Educational Data Mining in London, July 4-7.

Sylvan, E., Larsen, J.,   Edwards, T.,   & Asbell-Clarke, J. (2012). The Canary’s Not Dead, It’s Just Resting: The Productive Failure of a Science-Based Augmented-Reality Game .   Proceedings of   Games+Learning+Society 8.0 (GLS 8.0.)   (pp. 31-37). ETC Press.


Bardar, E., Asbell-Clarke, J., Edwards, T., & Larsen, J. L. (2013).   Impulse . Paper presented at the Games+Learning+Society 9.0 (GLS 9.0) Conference, Madison, WI.


Edwards, T., Bardar, E., Asbell-Clarke, J., & Larsen, J. L. (2013). Quantum Spectre . Paper presented at the Games+Learning+Society 9.0 (GLS 9.0) Conference, Madison, WI.


Asbell-Clarke, J., Edwards, T., Larsen, J., Rowe, E., Sylvan, E., & Hewitt, J. (2012). Martian Boneyards: Scientific Inquiry in an MMO Game . International Journal of Game-Based Learning, 2(1), 52-76.


d. Synergistic Activities


  1. Author of three published national science curricula (Hands-On Universe: self-published Lawrence Hall of Science, Investigating Astronomy (PI, published by It’s About Time publishing), and Astrobiology (published by It’s About Time publishing) and three STEM learning games (Impulse, Ravenous, and Quantum Spectre –
  2. Editorial Board, International Journal of Game Based Learning, 2012-present
  3. Editorial Board, British Journal of Educational Technology, 2015-present
  4. Advisory Panel to National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) on Game-Based Learning, Sept 2015
  5. Advisory Panel to George Lucas Educational Foundation on Game-Based Learning, Oct 2015
  6. Chair and panelist, NSERC CREATE review program (Canadian federal funding agency) 2010-2013 (chair 2013); Chair and panelist, NSERC Promoscience review program (Canadian federal funding agency) 2006-2009 (chair 2009); Panelist NSF EHR review panels 2006-present